Building Your Logo and Brand Identity

When Apple Rock was searching for a symbol to best communicate its brand, it chose the oceanic sea turtle.  A symbol of nature, of adaptation, that survives under the greatest odds and has stood the test of time.  Appropriately, the sea turtle became the brand identity for Apple Rock.

Sea turtles start their lives in eggs buried in the sand. After a two-month incubation, the young turtles hatch and run to the sea, facing attack by a variety of predators (e.g., birds, crabs, fish) along the way. They drift at sea until they are about a foot long and then, depending on the species, may move closer to shore to feed.

Much like a sea turtle that “adapts” to their environment, Apple Rock adapts to their clients’ needs from start to finish.   We learn your business, your needs, and what it will take to make your exhibit or event a success!  Our ADAPT line of custom trade show exhibits are built on Apple Rock’s years of experience combined with your goals and brand identity.

By taking a strategic approach to the design and overall message of the exhibit, our specialists strive for unique, memorable, cost-effective, and a functional trade show presence.  Apple Rock’s customized trade show exhibits are ultimately based around your desires, your intended audience, your budget, your overall marketing strategy, the surrounding environment and types of events you attend, and many other factors.

An Apple Rock Design Consultant can work with you to design a trade show booth that best communicates your brands image.   Now when you see an Apple Rock “ADAPT” display or visit our headquarters, you will know just why we have chosen sea turtles to represent our brand.