Build Engaging & Effective Displays with Interactive Trade Show Technology

Interactive technology for trade show displays is a highly effective and cutting-edge way to stand out at events. Driving traffic to your booth isn't always an easy thing, but with the use of interactive technology, it makes it a little less difficult.

One of the solutions provided by Apple Rock is through a technology called eyeclick. It is a software/hardware combination that can really bring your booth to a new level. It is composed of a program that is customizable to your branding, as well as a motion sensor camera that causes the program to react to your movements in the different ways. It can be projected on to the floor, wall, or used through a monitor.

Default samples of this technology include fish that swim away from you when they detect your movement, frogs that splat when you step on them, or piles of leaves that scatter when you walk through them to reveal a logo underneath. These different program options can all be edited and customized to your specifications.

To find out more about this technology and how it can be implemented into your booth, check out the video below or read more information on interactive trade show displays.