Available November 1st, inTouch Trade Show iPad App Update with Built-In Lead Generation

The inTouch iPad app is a powerful sales tool that houses all of your marketing materials in one intuitive interface. With the inTouchPad app, you can better interact with show attendees and showcase your business products and services in the palm of your hand.

Starting November 1st, the inTouchPad App 2.0 update will be available, featuring the added ability to scan badges and collect leads real time! The latest update, from our technology partner T1Visions, takes the already proven iPad app to a whole new level.

The inTouch app, just like our tables and walls, is completely customizable. Unlike some other apps on the market, you can customize the interface to reflect your brand and organize content into a simple structure for seamless, branded presentations on the go. The inTouch app also allows you to email materials directly from the app, just like her sister product — the inTouch Table — reducing the need and expense of printed materials at the show. The app also ties into inTouch Tables and Walls so you can easily transform your one-on-one presentation to a display that works for larger audiences.

One of the best features of the inTouchPad is the ability to deploy the app across multiple iPads for sales teams, training seminars, etc. — not just on the trade show floor.

Manage the content your sales team is presenting to the world at the click of a button, and become the #LeadsChamp of your company! Talk to an Apple Rock consultant today about how to get started.

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