Attract a Crowd at Your Booth by Appealing to their Senses

written by Dominique Ford-Royal, Special Projects & Events

Lights. Camera. Action! What draws people in better than bright lights, bold colors, inviting sounds and intriguing smells? People walk the show floor using all of their senses to make decisions about which booths to visit. Create an inviting environment by using some or all of these elements.

Apple Rock’s booth at EXHIBITOR 2014 this month will feature the both sight and sound. The unique lighting choices highlight key principles that are immediately understood by simply looking at the booth. Flat graphics and dull lighting make for a boring booth, but brilliant graphics with depth bring visibility to your display.

We will be showcasing our newest interactive product, an 80 inch portable interactive wall unit, along with our 32 inch interactive table with a secondary screen, a proven leader in our interactive designs for the last two years. Utilizing this technology’s interaction with iPads, you will hear cheers and applause, exciting and drawing in passerbyers.

Sound plays an essential role in crafting an appealing booth space. Have you ever been in a store playing really loud music? Isn’t your first thought, “I’ve got to get out of here!”? Remember that experience when choosing the type of music or sounds you plan to play in your booth. If your goal is to produce a relaxing environment, use a lounge area and pipe in relaxing and calming scents like lavender, coconut or even coffee. Assess your goals and then research approaches to accomplish them.

Want to experience the sounds and lights on our new interactive designs? Be sure to get your Free pass to EXHIBITOR2014 and come visit our booth #1529 in Las Vegas, March 16 – 20.