Attending Trade Shows vs. Hosting Your Own Event

When looking at your company dynamics in regards to getting in front of your clients and your prospective clients, have you considered bringing them to your own door?  Keeping your name out there, consistently branding your company is crucial in any market; but it has never been more essential for your business to continue to thrive than now.

The idea of bringing your top clients and your prospective new clients to a small intimate meeting for educational purposes should be on your radar if you are going to fewer shows this year.  Face to face time is what it is all about; building the relationships that will withstand the turmoil’s of the economic landscape.  Letting your clients absorb who and what you are, almost by osmosis, via the visual branding of your company, products and or services.

These events may be regional, nationwide or global in scope, as long as they are carefully thought out, planned and executed with the capability to measure the ROO when all is said and done.

Creating the appreciative environment where your clients are shown how you embrace and value their loyalty.  The loyalty to your company past, present and in advance of their business they have yet to reward you with this year and beyond.

Using the word “reward” is purposeful in this conversation, as you know your clients have options out there and many of your competitors are knocking on your best clients doors daily to get their toe in…then their foot and then before you know it your best client is leaving you behind to search for greener pastures with the new provider, your competition, rewarding them with the next contract.

The strong relationships you forge with your clients are solidified even more when you have that face time with the decision makers. Building towards this event you host, you should be using all the tools in your marketing arsenal, such as social media, written invitations, phone, and in-person invitation conversations.  Then the event at your company headquarters, an event center, hotel or regional office is followed up by some practical ROI calculations.  You should be able to tell what business sectors went up due to the direct contact you had with the education value-added events you hosted for your clients and or prospective clients.

So whatever you do this summer, make it a point to attend events pertinent to your industry, if you are not attending events, host an event.