Apple Rock - The Designer, Builder, Innovator.

I have been in this industry for 28 years. As an active CEO, I feel like I have seen it all, then I realize that no two days or shows or clients are the same in our Industry. So many times clients and prospects come to us with a design request that is merely based on trend, what’s hot now, and do not take into consideration the structural elements or lifespan of their investment.  

Don’t get me wrong, design trends are vital to our industry and we have won many awards based on our designs; but we put as much emphasis, if not more, on the function and structure of the display. When it comes to designing a new display, or restyling an old one, function and structure should be your #1 priority. If you heed to my advice, you can get 3-5 years out of your investments.

When you only focus on what is trending now, your display will be outdated within 1-2 years. True design and true innovation will allow you to be impactful now and yet still relevant structurally years from now.


With our design process we collaborate with our clients to make sure we understand their long and short term goals. We work on nailing down the form and function of the display before we even think about color rendering it or adding technology. I’m a very big believer that if you don’t love the design, do not settle. It never gets better, and your brand suffers for years to come. We offer all our clients the option of a custom rental display so they can test drive it on the show floor, make tweaks as needed before they invest fully in it. We don’t settle, why should you?


Unlike many other display houses in the industry, we don’t just provide our clients with award-winning designs. We also build the displays, right here in the US! We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we back up our displays with a two-year warranty. Does your current builder warranty their work? If so, for how long?


Innovation by definition, is a new idea, method or product. Innovation begins with understanding what works vs what doesn’t; how to improve a product or an outcome to provide better results. We at Apple Rock are continuously innovating. This year at ExhibitorLive, the largest trade show for our industry, we are revealing our new patented panel system – Xylea. This product will revolutionize the industry and allow our clients to be more successful. Our new Xylea system not only provides you with a solid structural design, it will also reduce your crates, weights and hours – which all greatly affect your budget.

Design should speak to you without having to explain it. Design should attract your customers without yelling. Design should project your Brand and illicit emotions to want to be seen by it, be part of the experience, and want to see what is going on inside, around it and by it. Design should be innovative and keep with current technologies and trends without costing you an arm and a leg. You know you have a successful design when attendees are taking pictures and sharing them on social media. Design is successful when you create an impact on attendees, generate more leads, and don’t kill your budget trying to accomplish it.

If you are in Las Vegas next week, be our personal guest to our booth at Exhibitor (Booth #1735). See first-hand what a Designer, Builder, Innovator looks like!


Eric Burg, CEO & President

Eric Burg is the CEO and founder of Apple Rock Displays. He has over 28 years of experience in the event marketing industry. Eric is a thought leader and innovator, never settling for what is. He thrives on working first hand with clients to improve their results for live events and corporate activations. His successes come from focusing on the client and employee first, and in turn the company, our partners, our community and our planet will thrive.