5 sensible goals for sustainable exhibits

written by Peter Sangimino

Apple Rock is a funny name for an exhibit house. In fact, the name comes from a scenic area of the Catskill Mountains that inspired CEO Eric Burg. Given his love of natural environments, it’s no wonder that Eric maintains a strong commitment to sustainable practices.

To be frank, the trade show industry is pretty wasteful. Millions of pounds of carpet, padding, and paper ship directly to the landfill from the show floor. In the past, scarcity drove up the cost of of green materials, forcing the majority of exhibitors to opt out of the green movement. However, there are now smart choices that can make green exhibiting a cost-neutral or even cost-saving prospect.

  1. Sustainable Materials.  According to Eric Albery of Eco-Systems Sustainable Exhibits, “recycled aluminum, bamboo, PETG, and LED lights have all seen considerable price decreases over the last three years.” Plus, green exhibits don’t have to look “crunchy” anymore. Nearly any design can incorporate sustainable materials.
  2. Quality Sustains. Durable structures, such as wall systems from Nomadic and Optima, will continue to serve long after knockoffs have ended up in the landfill.
  3. Save Power. LED lighting and lightboxes use less power than halogen lights, permitting less expensive electrical hookups. Also, LED bulbs last much longer and are now priced competitively.
  4. Ship Less. Lightweight aluminum structures, stretched fabric, and lightweight crates not only burn less fuel in shipping, they reduce both your shipping and drayage costs.
  5. Go Digital. Digital delivery of literature not only saves paper; it gives you a great reason to capture targeted contact information from your prospects.

The choices above should be considered for any exhibit decision. Green exhibiting is no longer a “feel-good” concept. It’s now a cost-effective approach to managing your budget, as well as your impact.