Your Display Is Your Brand

Event Vision: How To Make Your Booth Work For You

The bottom line for event success must ultimately be "getting them in the door". Engagement, attraction and interest are the cornerstones of any trade show display. Without this "wow factor" you miss the opportunity to interact with your (potential) customers and expose them to all of the key features of your brand. 

The beauty of a custom trade show display is in the unique branding details, vision and imagination incorporated into the design. Many of us have tried to differentiate our brand from the competitors next to us on the show using a stale cookie cutter exhibit that looks exactly like so many others at the show. Frustrating!

Was the money you saved by purchasing a bland, generic display worth it? Can you live with the the potential lost sales, missed networking connections and underwhelming social media outreach that goes along with a boring event presence?

As event marketing professionals we are always faced with those tough budget decisions. Granted, many shiny new “marketing toys” that flood the market every year are hard to resist. But without question, a unique, eye-catching standout display will be the buzz of a trade show and attract more of the right prospects, potential clients and media coverage. 

You know your brand better than anyone. Working with skilled display designers and event marketers will bring out the best of your potential event ROI by crafting an effective branding presence that achieves your goals. You can be as involved in the design process as you like - the more feedback you can give any designer the better. And the sooner you start the better, as drafts and revisions take time. Let's create the perfect display together.

It is crucial to trust your branding instincts and then utilize the best tools and experts at your disposal to create the perfect display. Standing out from the crowd is the only way to win. It doesn’t matter whether you are renting or purchasing a booth. The same creative ingenuity goes into every design and there are amazing options to choose from within every exhibiting category:

  • Function
  • Message
  • Color
  • Texture and Patterns
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Interactive Features
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Hanging Structures
  • Meeting Spaces
  • Storage

Branding Expertise For The Show Floor

Remember, the only brand name that matters is YOURS. We all know that a trade show display purchase or rental is a significant budgetary spend. Using an experienced, knowledgeable and full-service trade show house will get you better marketing results. Period. Your specific brand knowledge coupled with the design savvy of Apple Rock = winning events, trade shows and corporate events. Trade Show Display Success

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with an Apple Rock Design Specialist and bring your unique brand vision to life. Let’s get fired up together!