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Designing and Building A Custom Trade Show Display: The Process

The thought of designing and building a trade show display can be daunting. We understand the overwhelming feeling of "Where do we start?" This is where Apple Rock's 30+ years of event marketing and display fabrication comes into play as clients are expertly guided through the entire process. The goal is to save you money and to make you money, elevating your event marketing budget ROI. We want you to look great and make your event program easier to manage.

How does this miracle happen? We often get asked about how the process works and the great people at Salice America agreed to allow us to follow their booth creation process from start to finish. 

The Trade Show Booth Design Process


Salice AmericaThe Salice America marketing team had worked with the same exhibit house for the last 15 years and were searching for a fresh, clean, high end look for a rental exhibit. Their old exhibit house was continuing to provide the same tired solutions for rental.

Salice tasked Apple Rock to lower the current cost of execution at trade shows including material handling, I&D, shipping, etc. while providing a visually stunning and effective marketing platform for events of all sizes.

Apple Rock provided a tension fabric solution with an seamless, upscale look. The clean, sophisticated and high-end presentation reflects the elevated brand of their cabinetry hardware. They desired plenty of lighting on the product displays with an open, inviting and clear line of site view throughout the exhibit space. Most importantly, the eye-catching perimeter hanging sign needed to dominate the show floor with bold branding and an exact PMS color match of their logo.

With this innovative fabric solution Apple Rock provided a lighter weight solution while fulfilling the "seamless" presence of the walls with a white, spacious and streamlined European look. The material handling costs went down greatly and the I&D times were closely managed for optimal efficiency.

It was also important to the client that Apple Rock create a design that could be easily reconfigured for two smaller upcoming shows. Salice will be able to use the same core display assets again and again with different configurations and footprint areas, creating another budget saving for their event marketing program.

Salice America Trade Show Exhibit Render

Apple Rock Client Interaction Timeline

  1. Introduction to Apple Rock meeting including capabilities and marketing goals discussion
  2. Discovery Meeting with top 2 client influencers for exhibit design planning
  3. Line drawing presentation of initial concepts and feedback sessions
  4. Color rendering presentation with cost estimate
  5. Design alterations to match client vision and desires
  6. Color rendering and estimate presentation of final design
  7. Minor tweaks to color rendering for deliverable design with cost estimate
  8. Contract signing and internal kickoff with production teams
    High Fives
  9. Meeting and introductions in Greensboro with the full Salice team for the IWF (International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta) and Apple Rock "Salice" team
  10. Project kick off production meeting
  11. Review show site orders to submit with show contractor and convention venue: electric, material handling, booth cleaning, etc.
  12. On-site Client Preview large hanging sign and exhibit components prior to shipping
  13. Tweaks and adjustments to display and graphics prior to shipping
  14. Shipping of all display properties to show via Apple Rock logistics team
  15. Apple Rock arrive in Atlanta to supervise installation at the show and work with the Salice team to install products in the display area
  16. Show-site booth walk through with key contacts at Salice day before the show opens
  17. Doors open for the show with the display ready in it's full marketing glory
  18. Daily show check ins with Salice to make sure everything is running smoothly throughout show
  19. After show exhibit dismantle and assist Salice team to tear down and prepare for shipping their products
  20. The display is shipped and received at the Apple Rock warehouse for storage
  21. Post show meeting with Salice team and begin preparing for next show

Apple Rock Built Custom Product Display“We are a well-oiled, unified team, that has not met a challenge we cannot achieve. At Apple Rock our focus is on delivering quality and service to our clients to achieve success for all. Ultimately client satisfaction is the metric that matters most. I am proud to be part of a team that works as well together.”

Lushell Floyd - Apple Rock Project Manager


"Apple Rock is one of the countries ELITE Exhibit Houses. There are very few Exhibit Houses that can execute 10 displays for a Large International show like IWF, and Apple Rock stands alone as one of them… Why? Because of Teamwork…  Our team members dedication to exceeding our client’s expectations is their number one priority. They will let nothing get in the way of achieving that goal. I am proud to work with a team that works hand in hand and abides by the "leave no man behind" mentality. Each member uses their individual skill set and expertise to be an active contributor in Apple Rock's success. All of the long hours, hard work and coordination is worth it when seeing our client’s reactions when they witness the concept to completion process."

Nick Raimondi - Apple Rock Director of Account Services

Show Floor Salice Display

Custom 65' x 70' Salice Rental

  • 50' x 65' hanging sign
  • Two conference rooms
  • Storage room
  • Clean lines
  • White, minimal fabric graphics
  • Large format printed fabric graphics of product
  • Multiple top-lit product displays
  • Seamless printed fabric branded structures
  • Inviting reception area with LED video screen

Salice Live On The Trade Show Floor

Ready for Trade Show Glory

Photo Credit: Adrienne Dean/Chaelle Visuals LLC

Salice Testimonial

"I wanted to let you know what our experience was with changing exhibit companies for the IWF show. The entire process was a very hectic and taxing process but, we had nothing but a great experience with Apple Rock. It started with Sherry And Ehab, detailing what we were looking for and the detailed and accuracy of the renderings and the quotes made it easy for us the make the decision and the transition.

Thumbs up from the Salice events teamOnce we met our Project team lead by our PM, Lushell Floyd the process progressed very quickly and smoothly. She was very detailed and communicated and updated us daily until the show material was completed and shipped.

Once the set up started, she continued to e-mail and call us with daily updates, including photos as the booth progressed.

We received nothing but positive remarks from our set up crew about Lushell and Sherry’s supervision and willingness to tweak any issues our guys pointed pointed out. We even received rave comments about a couple of the AR set up crew from our team and they were used over the labor that we had hired.

We had a very positive experience and our AR team was extremely proficient in supporting us and ensuring that Salice America had a successful IWF show.

Our many thanks to the AR sales team and especially to the PM team that worked so hard to support and guide us through the entire process."

Best Regards,
Shawn Pressley
Director of Marketing, Salice America


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