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Top 6 Benefits of Renting a Custom Trade Show Display

The trade show season never truly ends. As each show comes and goes, your event calendar turns over and the circle of life starts again. A bit dramatic? Definitely! But if you are the TRADE SHOW DECISION MAKER for your organization that next huge event is always looming. And with it comes the eternal question as you set your budgets:

“Do we rent a trade show display from Apple Rock or purchase one?”

There are many pros and cons for each approach and in this week’s blog we will address the myriad benefits of renting your trade show display.

Why Rent a Custom Display and Accessories?

  1. Unique Display Design (not a cookie cutter “kit” display)
    If you rent your display from the trade show operator or design house you will receive a generic and mundane booth with your branding slapped on it. This makes it very difficult to stand out among your competition on the show floor. An Apple Rock Custom Display is designed specifically for your brand and marketing objectives. Plus, a rental can be modified for each individual show you will be attending, allowing for complete flexibility based on the booth space size, target audience and marketing objectives.
  2. Cost of Ownership Savings
    Rentals help keep your overhead low, especially if you are exhibiting at multiple shows each year. Avoid the costs and time spent on storing, maintaining, repairing and insuring your own display by renting from Apple Rock.
  3. Apple Rock Pro Show Services
    All of us are overloaded. An Apple Rock Custom Rental takes a significant amount of the show legwork and headache off your plate. Let our pros with decades of trade show experience handle the design, shipping, set up, tear down and storage of your rental display. Our goal is to make your job easier and create displays that are incredibly impactful with high ROI.
  4. Latest AV/Technology Integration
    A custom rental displays allows for easy integration of the latest technology into your display without the cost of revamping an existing setup. T1 Interactive Technology, touch screens, IPad integration, RFID applications, Virtual Reality (VR), lighting packages, video walls and a myriad of cutting-edge display technology can be painlessly added to a custom rental display.
  5. Renting Carpeting, A/V, Lighting, Hanging Structures, Furniture, Event Signage
    Significant savings can be found in renting all of the periphery but essential items required to  execute a succesful trade show display booth program. Apple Rock rents everything you need so your budget goes to exactly what you need for the show itself instead of cost of ownership expenses. 
  6. Overall Cost and Time Savings
    Your specific situation will determine whether purchase or rental is the right financial choice. The Apple Rock staff is ready and willing to work directly with you to determine the best option. Smart rental decisions can save your organization thousands of dollars over the course of a show year and make your life easier by letting Apple Rock handle many of the time-consuming details and logistics involved in owning a trade display.

Our goal is to save you money in display production and ownership costs while producing stellar trade show results with the most effective displays available, all within your budget.

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