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Back To School For Event Planners

Every Mom and Dad knows that August means Back to School time, thinking about what your child needs to be successful in the upcoming year. First things first: stylish clothes and outfits (stylish according to them, of course) to create their own unique personal brand. Next comes the electronics and technology and tools to help them get the best grades possible. Once the phone, computer and tablet are in hand it’s time to fill that shopping cart with everyday school supplies like paper, notebooks, binders and pens. Transportation, food, sports gear… so much to plan and organize to give your children the best possible opportunity to succeed. As caring parents, your efforts set the table for a confident and successful school year.

This return to the routine of the classroom triggers the same type of response in Event Managers. It’s time to get ready for the upcoming trade show season. The time of year is the same and the types of preparatory activities are very similar. With careful planning and thoroughness you too can get straight A’s as a student of the Event Planning arts.

Let’s continue that analogy and explore how you can prepare your “back to school” activities to finish at the top of your event marketing class this year.

  1. Update and refresh the graphics on your existing exhibit so that it fits your unique brand for the upcoming season = New Clothes for School
  2. Review your technology and refresh your content. Larger, higher resolution screens, video walls, interactive technology and lead tracking software will drive increased ROI and results = New Tablets and Laptops for Efficient Studies
  3. Evaluate your show schedule and trim the fat on non-performing events and add more profitable ones = Sending Your Kids To The Best Schools
  4. Offer the right food at your events because hospitality drives engagement and positive impressions of your brand = Packing A Healthy and Fun Lunch to Keep the Young Ones Fed and Nourished
  5. Prepare for any situation by assembling a “contingency crate” full of extra supplies like light bulbs, cords, pens, paper, duct tape, cleaning supplies, contact lists and a first aid kit = Equipping the School Backpack With the Essentials Needed to Tackle a Vigorous Day in Class and Beyond

It’s back to school again and time for Event Marketers to kick that action plan into gear. Start on your event marketing plan now and reap the ROI benefits all year long. A full-service event marketing company like Apple Rock can help maximize your event budget from start to finish.

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