Navy SEAL Heritage Center

Apple Rock Case Study

Meeting/Office Branded Space Design, Fabrication, Install

Navy SEAL Foundation Branded Space Case Study

Apple Rock was honored to collaborate with the Navy SEAL Foundation to conceptualize, design, fabricate and install the interior of the SEAL Heritage Center in Virginia Beach, VA. The design process was an open and cooperative effort between the building committee and Apple Rock. The space holds active offices and is used as a non-museum assembly space for meetings, education programs, reunions, and events to honor active and retired SEAL team members as well as their families.

About the Navy SEAL Foundation’s
SEAL Heritage Center

The SEAL Heritage Center is located on Joint Expeditionary Fort Story Little Creek base in Virginia Beach, VA and serves as administrative offices for two nonprofit organizations which serve the Naval Special Warfare community: Navy SEAL Foundation and the UDT-SEAL Association. This multi-use building provides the brotherhood of warriors a communal meeting space to gather and enjoy the friendships of all those who served in and supported the Teams.

The Challenge

As a dual operating office environment/gathering space, the SEAL Heritage Center aesthetics had to provide a functional, durable and inviting meeting environment while highlighting the storied history of the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, honoring those that serve and acknowledging those who have sacrificed for their country.

Key Points

  • Incorporated working offices with honorific branded environment pieces
  • The project included entry spaces,hallways, conference room and an all-purpose area for catering, daycare, and storage
  • Collaborative design concepts used to fabricate highest-quality timeline display, visual dimensional LED lit wall features, office identifiers, granite waterfall concept with Trident emblem in tempered glass as well as a double helix art sculpture which hangs from motorized mount in the ceiling
  • Maintained color schemes and multiple logo/insignia throughout the design
  • Printed and installed large-scale full wall surface graphic treatments Designed UDT-SEAL Association Store area to house and sell branded goods


SEAL Heritage Center Features

  • Dimensional exterior building signage
  • Double helix custom bent aluminum tubing
    hanging feature with pillowcase printedgraphics.
    Motorized for lowering to clean and update
    graphics the installation
  • Engraved Donor Wall with frosted glass and
    halo-effect LED lighting
  • Interior Virginia, USA granite cascade fountain
    feature with retaining recycling pond
  • Large-scale wallpaper treatment with inkjet plot
    cut printed American flag
  • Printed graphic intensive recreation room
    wallpaper treatment image of sunset beach
    and SEAL Team image
  • Acrylic and laminated plywood custom room
    identifiers with engraved names
  • Conference room design with mounted cutout
    graphics and accents
  • Multiple wall displays with photograph standouts
  • Branded goods area with custom
    counter and tables

The Solution

Apple Rock designers worked directly with the building committee to design a comprehensive visual plan to embrace tradition as well as serve current and former Team members and their families. The meeting spaces, common areas, and branded goods area maintained this central theme that highlighted the colors and logos used on the fixtures, graphics, and lighting. The Apple Rock teams fabricated and assembled the project assets using high-quality materials and
then delivered and installed on-site.


The SEAL Heritage Center highlights the
depth of the expertise and quality materials
and craftsmanship that Apple Rock
offers for branded environment design,
build and installation. The proprietary
design, materials, fabrication, printing and
installation processes offer a turnkey solution
for any government, corporate, retail
or meeting space.

“Apple Rock has created a beautiful and functional
space for our organizations to utilize for both
day-to-day work and for entertaining and events.
Their attention to detail, use of quality materials, and
implementation of design elements that convey the
history of the Underwater Demolition and SEAL
Teams is second to none.”

- Sara Berry, Director of Marketing and Communications, Navy SEAL Foundation


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Navy SEAL Foundation Office Feature

Navy SEAL Historical Timeline

Navy SEAL Memorial Area with water feature

Meeting space entry with helix hanging structure