Measurement and ROI

Get Your Money’s Worth with Apple Rock

A lot of time, effort and expense can go into attending a trade show or event. Often, the main objective of attending a show is overlooked – building new business. At Apple Rock, we believe our focus on strategy and outcomes helps us build a better display for you that can help your event be a success. Measuring return on investment is critical to assessing and improving upon that success. 

Below are four areas of return that are measurable and can provide valuable information. Talk with an Apple Rock consultant about how we can help you assess your presence at shows and improve your bottom line. 

Promotional Impact

Number of impressions and equivalent cost for impressions through other media.

Cost Savings

Cost of equivalent sales calls and meetings independent of event.

Customer Relationship Management

Number of customers reachable at event and value of retaining them.

Revenue Generated

Sales generated as a result of efforts.