Experiential Trade Show Display

ITG Brands

Apple Rock Case Study

ITG Brands: A Case Study

ITG Brands needed an experiential trade show display that would entice and immerse guests in its brands. The space had to be a visually dynamic, inviting, and larger-than-life experience for its show visitors that would not only attract people but keep them entertained and well-tended to with white-glove hospitality service.

Key Points:

  • High-end AV experience with the use of LED Tiles & dynamic content
  • Unique & eye-catching structures for drawing in traffic via single entry point
  • Interactive stations hosted by brand ambassadors for increased customer engagement

About ITG Brands

ITG Brands offers a broad portfolio of some of the most well-known cigarette, cigar and e-vapor brands. As a member of the globally recognized Imperials Brands, PLC family, they are a forward-thinking partner with operational integrity. Recently they merged with Fontem Ventures, an innovative consumer goods company, with a portfolio that includes the vapor brand “blu.”

The Challenges

ITG Brands was seeking a “WOW” look that was both functional and dimensional. Having made the decision to remove the meeting rooms from their show floor experience, they wanted to maximize this additional space and implement a multilevel concept that was both fully immersive and experiential. They had been missing the “magnet” element that would bring people together in their space. Being the third-largest tobacco company, ITG knew it was important that they reflected this with an elevated branding approach, a larger-than-life LED experience, and extensive hospitality.

The Solution

Apple Rock collaborated closely with ITG Brands to design an impressive 50’ by 70’ island display that incorporated the visage of each of their primary brands on both the inside and outside walls of their exhibit. With a singular point of entry, ITG was able to maximize their badge-scans of each visitor who entered the space and hands-on brand ambassadors could direct each visitor to an activity hosted by each of the sub-brands within the space. With a captivating LED hanging sign and a vast expanse of custom lighting, ITG could be seen from nearly every vantage point on the show floor.

Once in the space, there was a massive LED video wall looping dynamic content behind a custom wrapped race car, a double deck with a private DJ hosting a party experience, two additional LED tile walls behind an open bar with certified mixologists serving customized ITG cocktails, client branded race car simulators, a rotating selfie station, and a karaoke recording booth. This Apple Rock fabricated display was a combination of rental and purchase properties to provide the most flexibility and cost savings for current and future trade show and event purposes.

ITG Brands Custom Rental Exhibit Features

  • 50’ x 70’ Custom Island Rental Display
  • LED hanging sign & custom lighting
  • Over 1,500 square feet of LED tile technology
  • Inlay vinyl and carpet pathway for clear traffic flow
  • Double Deck with DJ promoting brands between client curated playlists
  • Open bar with certified mixologist & brand specific custom cocktails
  • Custom wrapped race car for photo opportunities
  • Custom wrapped race car simulator for visitor play
  • Single entry for traffic flow control
  • “Perfect Store” set up to allow visual of how products & signage would be seen in stores


The experience in the booth was electric and everyone who came in felt that charge. There was more engagement and foot traffic in their space than the client had ever seen on a show floor in years past.

Apple Rock was able to partner with ITG to create an exhibit that both strengthened and highlighted the brand while providing the framework for them to further prove they are a titan in their industry. The open floorplan and café-style social areas allowed for casual meetings among clients and colleagues and truly made the work feel like a party.

The open bar and live DJ drove traffic and provided the client with the “magnet” for participants they had previously been missing. With photo opportunities, giveaways, and fun activities like karaoke, corn hole, and branded race car simulators, the space was alive with energy. ITG Brands was the place to be on the show floor!