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Homecare Homebase: A Case Study


Homecare Homebase was required to reduce their display size by 800 square feet due to show requirements and wanted to reduce the overall costs of operation, but needed to balance those requirements by maintaining a professional presence with the functionality of at least four demonstration stations.


About HCHB

Homecare Homebase was started by industry veterans in 1999 to tackle the real-world challenges of nurses on the front lines of home health care. With the steady growth and evolution of services, they’ve expanded into a comprehensive and innovative platform to support the evolving needs of home-based care. Over the years, they’ve partnered with some of the brightest minds in software technology and online learning. Today’s HCHB delivers powerful new tools and intuitive software that’s easy to learn and use.

Key Points

  • The show was decreasing exhibit spaces, so the customer had to reduce the size of its exhibit from 30 x 40 to 20 x 20 feet
  • Keep a minimum of four, one-on-one presentation stations
  • Reduce overall costs of operation
  • Present a new, fresh look, while maintaining the professional presence of a company providing top of the market product solutions

HCHB software leverages critical data and insight to help let home-based healthcare companies make smarter business decisions

The Challenge

The design had to showcase the customer as a top-tier player in their industry, but in a much smaller space than they had previously used; keep a minimum of four demonstration stations in the design and reduce shipping, material handling and rigging costs.

The Solution

Apple Rock created a lighter weight exhibit design with a simplified, tiered hanging sign solution. They refreshed the existing circular reception counter and updated it with a two-piece Waterfall reception counter with areas for a monitor and corporate presentation.

Three tiered, hanging signs with pendant lights were added with custom demo kiosks, as were fabric canopies. The display was topped off with RGB LED illumination on frosted acrylic wings and around each product line graphic.


Apple Rock was able to reduce requirements from one truckload down to four crates and three skids and reduced material handling weight from 18,500 pounds to 5,850 pounds. The rigging cost was reduced by $11,000. Both Exhibitor Staff and other exhibitors praised the design and polished style of the Brand Presence.