Celgard Custom Display Case Study

Celgard is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance membrane separators. Their products are used in a broad range of energy storage applications including rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, disposable lithium batteries and specialty energy storage. Recently, Celgard exhibited at Battery Japan, Western Japan’s largest smart energy show.

Celgard, which is headquartered in the United States, chose Apple Rock as their exhibit partner because of the creativity and innovation of our designs, as well as Apple Rock’s track record for successful international shows and exhibitions Like any company, Celgard had goals and challenges for the upcoming show, so we jumped right in to provide solutions that would make Battery Japan 2016 a winning exhibit and event!

Trade Show Event Design

Incorporate several different design elements into one space.

During the initial design process, we discussed a variety of design elements and reviewed several visuals of specific elements with Celgard.  From wall cut-outs and an open floor plan to unique canopies and a semi-private meeting space, we designed a custom exhibit that incorporated all of these inspirational elements while ensuring the functionality and branding elements were addressed.  

Event Goals

Primary goal was brand awareness, with secondary goals of supporting the Asian battery market, providing a medium to connect with customers for meetings and dinners, and generating leads.

Since establishing their brand presence was the main goal for the event, we worked together to create a “less is more” communication method.  With a focus on clear, quality, consistent messaging, Celgard could effectively share their brand without cluttering the exhibit with unnecessary graphics and too much information.  As a result, Celgard discovered that attendees found them easily and were told that they stood out on the show floor.  With only seconds to grab one’s attention, Celgard capitalized on making those precious moments impactful and to the point.


Celgard was exhibiting with other companies within the same space.

In the past, Celgard had exhibited on their own, but at Battery Japan 2016, they were going to exhibit as one of two brands under their parent company, Asahi Kasei. In addition, their Japanese distributor required a small space, although their section needed the facade of a separate booth. We were tasked to represent Asahi Kasei's two brands as cohesive, yet separate in their own space yet completely divided from the distributor. Providing each company and the brands separation was important, so we utilized dividers and closet walls to accomplish this. In terms of branding, each uses a different shade of blue in their logo.  To avoid too much color noise (i.e., too many different shades of blue), we designed the artwork so the logos were printed in the inverse (white).  For a cohesive look throughout the exhibit, we incorporated a blue laminate in the space that closely matched the blue of the main exhibitor, Asahi Kasei.

Throughout the design and production process, we maintained a professional, detailed, and highly communicative relationship.  Celgard walked away from the show having had a great experience, from the beginning of the design process all the way through the reality of the show.  Their design came to life on the show floor with the final exhibit being an exact replica of the design rendering they approved.  They were thrilled to find everything at the show exactly as expected.  Battery Japan 2016 fulfilled their exhibit goals and surmounted their challenges, resulting in increased brand awareness across all companies.

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