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The Leading Hotels of the World Showcase

Apple Rock Case Study

The Leading Hotels of the World: A Case Study

Leading Hotels of the World wanted to find a way to interact personally with hundreds of travel agents across the United States, to market their collection of hotels. They would need to visit eight cities in just 10 days, from New York to California, with representatives from up to 60 hotels represented. Each hotelier would need to have their own space to promote their hotel, along with a multimedia presentation featuring alluring photos of their properties. Due to the multiple setups and tear downs required for the eight-city tour, the displays would have to be both portable and durable, and preferably made from sustainable materials.

Corporate Event for The Leading Hotels of the World

Beverly Hills Corporate Event for The Leading Hotels of the World



Key Points

  1. Create a “safe” show environment in which both exhibitors and attendees are comfortable transacting business.
  2. Showcase each luxury hotel with a professional display and booth space to meet and greet with travel agents to provide a wealth of targeted resources. Provide a multimedia showcase comprised of immersive content.
  3. Create displays and logistics to maximize presentation and minimize cost as the traveling show circles the USA, coast-to-coast.
  4. With an emphasis on minimizing the carbon footprint, there is an emphasis on using sustainable materials and presentation methods.

About The Leading Hotels of the World Show Case

The Leading Hotels of the World markets for over 400 hotels in 80 countries. They also act as a centralized booking agency for some of the world’s greatest destinations. A key element to their marketing program is to create lasting relationships with travel agents across the USA. As LHW interacts with these agents, they create lasting memories as their guests through regional venues to meet face to face with hoteliers from around the world. The intent is to create relationships where the travel agents act as an extended marketing arm for the hotels and recommend them to their own clients.



The Leading Hotels of the World Miami Event



The Challenges

It’s critical to create a three-dimensional, safe selling environment where a range of 30-60 hotels can present themselves to a group of 100-400 travel agents in a period of 2-4 hours. It’s also imperative to produce the event with the smallest carbon footprint possible. In addition to creating a top-tier presentation, the displays must be easy to set-up & transport and durable. The tour starts in New York City and ends in Los Angeles. A total of eight cities are visited in a period of just ten days.



Leading Hotels Showcase Event

Leading Hotels Showcase Event



The Solution

Apple Rock has created two types of traveling displays to meet the varied needs of the program. In the larger cities with more attendees, i.e., New York City, Miami, Chicago, and San Francisco, the events are presented with 25-35 large custom-fabricated displays with interactive monitors. Each display is double-sided and can be used by up to two hotels on each side, for a total of four. By using this design, Apple Rock minimizes the amount of space required for each display while increasing the attendee space at each event. The video monitors highlight each hotel’s branding and feature multimedia presentations of their luxurious properties.

In the smaller events with fewer attendees, i.e., Phoenix, San Diego, Newport Beach, and Los Angeles, Apple Rock developed simple to set-up and transport table-top graphics. There are four events in three days that wrap a mini expo around seminars and presentations.



The Leading Hotels of the World Showcase, New York

The Results

Each Showcase tour provides LHW and their hotel partners a vehicle to meet with several thousand luxury travel partners. Lifetime relationships are formed as well as solid business partnerships. Coast to coast, LHW is making new friends and realizing the aspirations of their hotels by promoting them and helping agents and travelers experience some of the most sought-after locales and iconic hotels in the world. LHW carefully tracks the attendance at each event and looks forward to exceeding pre-COVID levels of attendance. More importantly, they see a consistent spike in bookings in the months following each tour.

With specialty lighting, live music, delectable butler-served hors d’oeuvres & cocktails, compelling conversation, high-end giveaways, premium service combined with the world’s greatest hotels and venues, it’s no wonder their luxury travel partners are on board!

Apple Rock continues to create a traveling road show experience to help a distinct collection of independent and uncommon luxury hotels throughout the world meet face-to-face with luxury travel adviser partners. Since 1988, Leading Hotels Worldwide has partnered with Apple Rock to increase market share with North American travel agents.