Plan Your Whole Events Year with Display Rentals

Execute Multiple, Back-To-Back and Simultaneous Events with Ease

Trade Show Display Rentals For Multiple Shows

Flexible Trade Show Marketing RentalsEvents and trade shows continue to encompass a larger and more intensive part of many marketing programs. As marketing professionals, we inevitably oversee numerous events spread around the country, often in quick succession or running concurrently. Using rentals across your event marketing calendar can truly optimize your budget ROI and allows you to highlight your brand specifically for each opportunity.

Owning multiple displays is one solution for a multi-event schedule but the costs of design, production and ownership can quickly escalate as the number of events increase. There are certainly beneficial economies of scale to owning your booths, but you lose much event flexibility and the ability to easily change your booth technology, layout and appearance.

Flexible Exhibit Size and Layouts

Renting custom displays for a year’s worth of events allows you to use large and flashy exhibits for your most important shows and then a miniature version for the smaller ones. Your footprint size will most likely be different for each show and renting allows you to adjust to each space. The marketing goals may also be different from week to week with different graphics, videos, product launches or demos. Renting opens up an entire world of options on a flexible show-to-show basis.

Managing Numerous Events With RentalsAlso consider the geography of your events. Shipping from one coast to the other can be quite expensive. Renting, especially from exhibit houses with multiple locations, becomes a practical solution for exhibiting around the world. Most rental companies provide turnkey solutions that include shipping, logistics, set up/break down and storage.

And what about those weeks with simultaneous events? The logistics and costs of buying and shipping multiple displays may be way beyond your means. But a tightly executed rental program allows you to attend all of the shows you want with highly-productive, custom displays in multiple venues.

Budget Considerations of Renting Multiple Booths

In many circumstances, renting can eliminate a majority of the stress and choke points involved in managing an events program with multiple or simultaneous shows. The budget you save by eliminating storage, upkeep and other ownership costs can allow you to create custom graphics, video walls, dramatic lighting or a hanging sign for each show. Or, add an engaging experiential component with interactive technology.

How much is your time and stress level worth? Renting allows to simply arrive and execute your show marketing and then walk away from your display when the show is over and let the pros at the exhibit house take care of everything.

Easily Change Graphics, Technology and Marketing Focus

Managing multiple events is quite a challenge and a rental program can end up being a lifesaver. There are many pros and cons to renting versus buying and your specific situation, budget, staff size and number of shows will ultimately steer that decision. The key is to work with an experienced, knowledgeable exhibit house to walk you through these decisions and help you achieve your marketing goals.