Experiential Event Marketing Displays Increase Engagement and ROI

New Display Trends and Technology

Fortune 1000 companies cite three metrics as the most important criteria for measuring the success of a Trade Show or Event:

  1.  Attendance/Participation (display visits)
  2.  Social Interaction (likes, shares, views)
  3.  Leads/Sales
    Source: EMI/Mosaic EventTrack 2015

Today’s consumers and decision makers, especially in our lightning fast and personalized digital landscape, expect to be wowed and “enveloped” by event experiences. Whether at a trade show, a music festival or in the mall the ability to have your display stand out in a crowded marketplace while accomplishing marketing goals takes creativity and a savvy understanding of new technologies and design trends. This does not necessarily mean flashing lights and aggressive aesthetics. The art of the display emphasizes and strengthens your brand while drawing in and engaging your target audience.

An effective display is not merely visually appealing. In addition to simply getting their attention, new experiential event concepts encourage customer interaction with your staff and products. If executed properly a modern display will influence attendees to engage, gather valuable demographic data from these visitors, create business opportunities and boost your event ROI.

deb Apple Rock ISS Trade Show Display Photo


How does Apple Rock turn your brand goals and insights into a high visibility, social-interacting and lead-generating event platform?

1. Catch Their Eye (Differentiate Your Space)

There are countless variations of standard and customized visual and structural options available from Apple Rock Displays.

·    Glass, Wood, Metal, Fiberglass, Magnetic Walls and  Modular Xylea Panels

·    Contoured Edge-To-Edge Printed Fabric Walls and Backdrops

·    Unique Flooring (wood, tile, carpeting, faux texture)

·    Accent and Programmable  LED Lighting

·    Customized Color Palettes

·    Backlit Walls and Signage

·    Illuminated Overhead Hanging Signs with Movement

·    Light Boxes

·    High Resolution Video Screens and Video Walls

·    Flexible LED Video Backdrops

·    Integrated Audio Components

Brightwell Apple Rock Trade Show Display


2. Utilize Interactive and Experiential Technology

Technology now allows for a personalized, interesting and immersive experience to activate your potential customers and engage them in a meaningful way.

·    T1V’s  in Touch Tables and Walls with Personalized Content

·    Custom-Programmed iPad and Kiosk Touch Screen Interactive Applications

·    Touch Screen Surveys with Incentives, Contests/Giveaways

·    Bluetooth Beacon Systems Connecting Directly with Smart Devices

·    RFID Wristbands for Customized Content Presentation

·    Live Videocast Capabilities (Facebook Live, Periscope)

·    Social Media Feedback Stations

·    Green Screen Photo and Video Booths with Social Media Capability

·    Virtual Reality (VR)

·    Augmented Reality (AR)

·    Live Gaming Consoles

·    Aromatics

·    Karaoke

·    Phone Charging Stations

·    Free Wi-Fi Access

Johnson ISSA Apple Rock Display Photo


3. Branding, Branding, Branding

Your logo, taglines and colors are creatively integrated into every Apple Rock design.

·    Video Wall Presentations

·    Custom Printed Shaped Logo Fabric

·    Illuminated Flying Overhead Rotating Signs

·    Dimensional Logo Objects

·    Logo-Based Furniture

·    3D Logo Projection

·    Translucent Video Screens

·    Floor Logos

·    Ambient Audio Messaging

·    Branded Counters and Kiosks for Product Demonstrations/Q&A

All of these factors and options seamlessly meld into a perfectly balanced “attendee journey” that illuminates your brand, identifies the problems that you solve, highlights your uniqueness and positively engages potential customers.

Request A Free Quote from the Apple Rock Trade Show Design Team. Bring your event presence to life and create the invaluable engagement with your top-tier prospects and customers that will propel your marketing and sales efforts.



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