trade show hanging signs photo

Hanging Structures - More Than Just Signs

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a…

Human beings can’t help but look at anything over our heads, especially as we enter into a new space. Maybe this is an ancient instinct left over from our early days as a viable food source for many of the large critters that lurked in the trees above us. Or maybe we are generally bored and love gazing skyward, mouths agape. Catch a crowd looking towards the heavens and you can’t help but look as well.

Luckily Apple Rock specializes in Hanging Structures. Towering above the trade show floor or artfully suspended aloft in retail environments, these signs and objects add depth and visibility to your display booth, store or corporate space.

At trade shows in particular this vertical space above displays is gold and if skillfully utilized can put your brand appeal over the top. Not only is your logo and branding visible throughout the trade show floor, these hanging structures can expand, encompass and enclose your display space to create all sorts of aesthetic environments.

Hanging Sign Options:

  • Size (width and length and height)
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Translucency
  • Printed Graphics
  • Creative Lighting
  • Motion

Hanging structures and signs are limited only by our imagination. And our designers have some seriously overactive imaginations. The size, shape, color, printing, lighting and motion can all be customized to create any look you desire. The sky really is the limit.

These structures are surprising lightweight, being made primarily of aluminum tubing covered with dye sub fabric graphics. Graphics can be printed on the inside and outside of the structures to create multiple viewing angle themes and looks depending on where the viewer stands. The frames break down and pack down into easy to manage shipping packages, where they are easily and quickly put back together and flown. The whole process in designed to be easy for assembly teams.

Round, square and rectangular shapes are common but a myriad of shapes have sprung to life including birds, lightning bolts, letters and complex geometric shapes. Creative lighting and projections create deep textures, patterns and vibrant color hues to catch the eye of the passerby.

Contact our pro design team and set up a free consultation to discuss your display design including hanging structures. Your fantastic design idea drawn on that cocktail napkin can come to life with the help of Apple Rock’s Designers, Builders and Innovators.