Which Graphic is the Best Choice for Your Booth: How do you decide?

Graphics are a huge part of any trade show exhibit; in fact the exhibits themselves are designed to display your graphics in a creative, attention grabbing way. Custom trade show graphics are the first thing an attendee notices as they are walking through the sea of booths. They can help you generate leads, sell products and raise brand awareness but choosing the wrong type of graphics has the ability to send attendees running the next booth. There are so many options when it comes to graphics, so how do you know which type is right for you?

First, let’s talk about the most popular types of graphics used in trade show exhibits.

Fabric trade show graphics

Fabric: light weight material that can be molded into endless shapes and sizes, include a variety of textures and opacities allowing for different types of movement, color and dimension. Fabric graphics can be printed by dye sublimation, digital printing, direct printing and inkjet, which makes the creative possibilities endless. Fabric graphics can be printed at a larger scale, and the vivid seamless images do not compromise the impact of the graphics or the color.

Vinyl graphics

Vinyl is the most widely used form of graphic in trade shows. There are different types of vinyl in which graphics can be printed on, so do some research to find out which type best fits your needs. Vinyl is flexible, lightweight (although not as light as fabric) and affordable.

Backlit trade show graphics

Backlit Graphics use a light box to make graphics stand-out. Graphics are printed on a translucent material then attached to the light box. Backlit graphics can be used both inside and out.

Laminate Panels

Laminate Panels are printed on photo paper them laminated. These graphics are generally attached directly to the structure. This graphic is durable.

So now you know a little more about graphics, decided which type is best for your company depends largely how many times you will use the graphic and where it will be used.

If you are using the graphic outside, go for a heavy duty material like vinyl. Using the graphic several times, try fabric because it can be cleaned relativity easy. What to really draw attention, use backlit graphics to give your exhibit the wow factor. If you know your booth will be used again and again in a high traffic area, laminate panels are a good choice. Whatever graphics you choose, make sure they are branded with company logos and colors, with more pictures than words.  

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