Renting Trade Show Displays Allows for Unique Brand Marketing Events

Maximizing Event Flexibility with Display Rentals

Staying ahead of your competition on the trade show is an ever-escalating marketing battle. You need to be innovative and eye-catching. Today’s most effective displays are experiential, drawing in attendees and influencing them to participate with your brand. How do you evolve and stay fresh for every big event?

Trade Show Display Rentals

Renting allows you to craft a completely different booth each time you exhibit. Keep aspects of the display that worked in the past and implement new branding, product images and demonstrations. Eliminate cost of ownership concerns and be extremely nimble with product rollouts, new technology or current trends that shape your industry. Display rentals gives you the flexibility to have unique brand experiences for every show.

Custom Apple Rock Experiential Display RentalA fine example of a hugely successful experiential display rental is the MuscleTech booth at the recent Olympia Expo in Las Vegas. This 20’x60’ rental was a visually stunning interactive branding platform that attracted huge crowds all day long.

MuscleTech needed to engage attendees and draw them into their booth and participate in multiple interactive marketing activities. Lights, motion and engagement created a buzz that could not be ignored. Renting the display and A/V allowed them to craft their design specifically for this show and create buzz, drive social media interaction and increase brand awareness.


Custom MuscleTech Experiential Display Rental Features:

  • Custom 20’x60’ themed island display with multiple entry points
  • Product showcase and demo areas
  • Interactive and engaging activities
  • Attention-grabbing graphics, A/V and branding
  • Inclusive traffic flow design to encourage crowd participation

If your trade show program goal is to remain flexible and provide a unique branded experience for each show then renting a display is a no-brainer. You can literally have a custom “brand new” booth for each show. Great design built around a sound strategy of branding, messaging, engagement, lighting, interactive technology and analytics makes for a powerful marketing strategy. Engage, connect with and retain your best customers each and every time with flexible display rentals.

Thanks to MuscleTech for an amazing show!

MuscleTech 20' x 60' Custom Rental Interactive Display

MuscleTech Custom Rental Display

MuscleTech Olympia Event Custom Display Rental

MuscleTech Custom Rental Side AV Feature

MuscleTech Custom Rental Side Interactive Stage