Deb Group Multi-Use Rental Display Case Study

Deb Case Study Rental Display

Apple Rock created a modern scalable, multi-use rental display for Deb Group that could be used at a variety of shows and events.


  1. Eye-catching display integrating actual plumbing with working sinks and demo areas.
  2. Designed to travel and be effective in any size footprint or exhibiting environment.
  3. Rental arrangement minimizes client ownership costs and pre-show hassles.

Customized rentals have become an extremely convenient, time-saving and cost-efficient option to maximize that trade show program budget. Not many display houses are willing to go that extra mile and build a custom display for a client that is not going to buy it outright. Apple Rock does. No one wants to show up at their biggest show, or even their smaller regional shows, looking just like everyone else. Customized rentals offer so many benefits and flexibility and our clients love the idea.

One of our newest clients, DEB Group, recently came to us with just that challenge. They participate in one large show a year and 40 smaller shows each year and wanted something clean and fresh. Apple Rock worked directly with Deb to understand their marketing goals and designed a custom rental design that really made them stand out and highlighted their product line. They had some special requests that we were able to accommodate.

DEB needed to have plumbing  in their booth, which a unique design challenge, so they could have two working sinks to show off their products. They also requested two conference rooms and a unique visual design. They liked it so much that Apple Rock is creating another 20x20 display for a different division that will exhibit at AAPEX in two weeks. 

The bottom line is that Apple Rock are Designers, Builders and Innovators. We get to know our clients and create amazing displays and branded environments that achieve your marketing goals.

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