Tyco Branded Lobby by Apple Rock

Why Use a Trade Show Display Company to Design Lobbies and Retail Spaces

Branded Corporate Environments

Lobbies, break rooms or even entire offices are a lot like trade show displays, in that these spaces are specifically designed to convey your company’s brand message, the culture of your company, your products, services and overall style.

Apple Rock Displays not only designs and builds fantastic trade show displays, but we take the branding lessons learned on the trade show floor and translate directly into one-of-a-kind branded spaces. Using resources we already have translates into savings for your business and an amazing environment that will envelop your audience in your brand.

There are a few traits that successful trade show exhibits and branded environments share. A good design house will take these traits into account during the initial design process.

  • Bring your brand to life in any setting.
  • Each space is carefully planned and well thought out.
  • The design should be visually appealing with complementary colors and bold graphics.
  • The space flows seamlessly together and accurately represents your brand, while communicating the story   behind your company.   
  • Incorporate interactive technology, but in slightly different manners. On the trade show floor, interactive technology is used to    wow attendees and reduce the cost of collateral materials. Using it in your corporate lobby would have the same effect but as an added bonus, it can be a source of entertainment for people that may have to wait                                                                                  

The application of design, engineering and fabrication are the same or very similar whether we are constructing a temporary exhibit or a permanent lobby.

A trade show booth or branded space tells your consumer what you want them to know about your company in the way you want to tell them With all the similarities between trade show exhibits and branded environments it makes sense that a full-service design house like, Apple Rock also specializes in corporate branded environments. We can help you design, build and install a branded corporate or retail space. Let us help you bring your brand to life within your company walls today.


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