Why DO You Exhibit at Trade Shows?

This is a standard question we ask our clients during our first meeting. Knowing the answer is the first step to helping them develop a successful marketing plan for their events.

 It is crucial to take a moment to look at common objectives; it may help unmask a few considerations in regard to the way you exhibit.

 Objective #1:  Introduction of a new product and/or service. 

Consideration: What steps are you taking to introduce the new product/service?

  • First consider sending out pre-show announcements or invitations to the product unveiling at the show.
  • Also consider utilizing product demonstrations or video presentations showcasing the new product/service. 

Objective #2: Lead/Prospect generation 

Consideration: What is drawing new attendees into your booth?

  • Make sure your booth is in tip-top shape, with up-to-date graphics.
  • Send a pre-show mailer or utilize social media to invite and incentivize attendees to visit your booth.

 Objective #3: Building brand awareness

Consideration: Is your brand consistent throughout your entire marketing platform from your web site to your literature to your display? 

  • Branding should be consistent throughout all your touch points, including your event marketing plan and your trade show display.
  • Make sure the message on your display is clear and uniform.
  • Emphasize the uniqueness of your brand to draw attention and leave a lasting impression on the attendees (ex. custom branded giveaways)

 Objective #4: Entering a new market

Consideration: What sets you apart from existing companies in this market?

  • Showcase your competitive advantages - clearly explain who you are and what you do.
  • Include some pre-show research on your competitors’ marketing initiatives and what they are introducing or showcasing at the show.

Objective #5: Retaining current customers

Consideration: How do you thank your current customers when they stop by your booth? 

  • Plan to have high-level giveaways for your current clients to show them they are appreciated.
  • Invite your clients to a hospitality event during the show to further encourage their continued business.

Objective #6: Recruiting new employees 

Consideration: Who is currently staffing your booth? 

  • First impressions last, even to your future recruits.
  • Make sure your show staff is well dressed, is energized about the company and being at the show
  • Only enlist staff that can offer a wealth of information and experience

There are many things to consider when developing a successful trade show strategy. A good Event Management Company can help you with all these considerations.