What's Your Trade Show Exhibit Style?

Trade show exhibits come in many different shapes and sizes. Once you have figured out your exhibit space requirements it’s time to determine what type of exhibit matches your budget and the overall style you are trying to convey.

Exhibits will fall into one of the following categories:

  1.  Table Top Displays-fit on a 6-8ft table. These types of exhibits are commonly used in consumer shows such as RV or decorating shows.
  2.  Portable or Pop-Up-light weight, usually a metal or wire frame with a fabric graphic. They are lightweight, convenient and cost effective but don’t provide much of an impact on the trade show floor.
  3.  Modular- features interchangeable elements, typically made of panels, which allows your company to make the same booth fit in several different size spaces without losing the effect. These exhibits are made of many different types of materials. There usually is some customization involved in modular exhibits.
  4.  Custom-often large structures made of metal, wood or hard wall panels. These unique exhibits make for a lasting impression on the show floor.

While your trade show exhibit will fall into one of the following categories, the possibilities of building materials are endless. We would like to discuss a few of the more popular types of building materials:

Cam Lock- locking devices commonly used in custom construction to connect wood pieces.
Tension Fabric Graphics-exactly what they sound like. Graphics that are printed on tension fabric to cover any form. Can be used in all four types of trade show exhibits.
Laminate-is widely used in the trade show industry. It is used in many different ways like wall finishing, graphic printing, flooring and much more.
Metal- is also a commonly used exhibit building material. More times than not, its aluminum. Metal is used to create truss structures, fabric extrusions, light boxes and much more.
Wood-used most often in custom structures for walls, meeting rooms, counters, etc.
Foam Walls-used as a lighter option to traditional exhibit building materials. Keep in mind these cannot be load bearing.

Choosing the right exhibit is an important step in becoming the qualified #leadschamp in your company. You must keep your goals, objectives and budget in mind in order to get the best return on your marketing investment. If you still have questions about what exhibit is right for your company, contact us today to see how the experienced staff at Apple Rock can help. We can even schedule a visit to our showroom, to give you a more hands-on look at common exhibit sturctures.

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