What Sets Apple Rock Apart From Other Exhibit Houses?

What makes Apple Rock different than other exhibit houses is a question we get asked a lot by prospective clients. Recently that question was explained by our Strategic Design Director, Bruce Hunter. The simple answer he gave is collaboration. However, we think the long answer better illustrates the core values of our company and how we became the exhibit house Where Better Ideas Are Built ™.

Q: What makes Apple Rock’s designs better than those from other exhibit houses?

A: Success, for us, starts with really listening to what our clients are saying. Having the best, most accurate information is the foundation to any successful design. However, having the ability to read between the lines to really figure out how we can help our customers succeed, is what truly sets Apple Rock apart from other exhibit houses. 

Over the years, we have developed a strong, tight-knit team of designers who work together on every project and continuously challenge each other to provide results that are not only creative, but also functional and efficient.  

  • While one designer may work on a project, at least one other designer has reviewed and contributed input.
  • We have a desire is to be the best, so we constantly sharing new things we’ve seen or learned with one another.  
  • We stay in constant contact with our vendors to insure we have the most current industry information, and can offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers.  
  • We have a strong, diverse background in both Graphic Design and Architectural Design, allowing us to create structurally sound, and functional brand experiences.

However, collaborating for success extends beyond the design team. A complaint you’ll often hear customers say about other exhibit houses is this – “We bought an exhibit from them, but the end-result looked nothing like their renderings.”  Here at Apple Rock, we pride ourselves on the end-result always looking like the renderings created. This is achieved with experience, a strong knowledge base, and collaborating with our engineering and estimating departments from the beginning.

We want to be sure each design is structurally sound, on budget and that the end-result will look and function exactly as the rendering suggests.

Collaborating for success extends beyond the structural and graphic design too. Unlike other exhibit houses our success doesn’t end at designing and fabricating a beautiful exhibit. We take a holistic approach to exhibit design. The cost of ownership for each new exhibit is something we consider when starting a new project. We take into consideration crate counts, weights, installation and dismantling from the start. When our clients invest in a new exhibit, it’s an experience that usually lasts over several years and we want it to be a pleasant one, with no unforeseen challenges.

Thanks Bruce, I could not have said it any better myself! Contact us today to see how our exceptional design team help your next face-to-face marketing event be successful!

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