What is a General Session and Why You Should Attend

A general session is a major part of all trade shows and conferences. These meetings are usually held on opening day at traditional trade shows, but breakout sessions are also held throughout the duration of the trade show or conference focusing on topics relevant to the industry. At conferences, general sessions play a major role in the educational process. A general sessions is also known as a plenary session, or a large meeting attended by trade show participants. These large meetings typically define the theme of the conference or trade show, while getting people excited about the event.

So your boss demands you go to the general session, but after a long day of traveling all you want to do is go to your hotel, order room service and relax. Although that Seinfeld re-run seems so much better, there are several reasons you must attend, and not just because your boss said so.

  • General sessions are a good way to learn about new industry trends. In order to be a #leadschamp you must stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in your field.

  • Listen to industry experts talk about issues that could directly affect your company, career and overall success at the trade show.

  • Go for the networking. Meeting new people in the same industry will no doubt enhance the time spent at the trade show or conference, while positioning yourself as a leader for your company.

  • Listening to the experts speak will help you learn to think like the industry leaders.

  • Learning what to do and what not to do from professionals who have tried and failed (or succeeded!) will help you and your company become #leadschamps.

Some general sessions are extremely elaborate, with celebrity guest speakers, live music, intricate lights and much more, so why would you want to miss the show? However, this is becoming less of the norm at trade shows and conventions as general sessions are scaled back without the big to-do. Elaborate or not, general sessions are great for industry education, networking or to simply get excited about the next few days, so do yourself a favor and attend those general sessions.

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