What is the Best Location for Your Exhibit?

Now that you have decided what trade show to attend and what size booth best fits your exhibit needs, it’s time to figure out where the best placement on the show floor is in order to maximize ROI and visibility. The more foot traffic you have in your booth increases the likelihood that you will collect many qualified leads at the show, positioning you as the qualified #leadschamp of your company.

Typically floor space is given based on seniority points, therefore the companies that attend year after year, get their choice of premium spots first. This commonly used points system also rewards companies that purchase advertising in show books or donate to their foundations. As a first time exhibitor, the earlier you register the better your choices on exhibit space, just keep the points system in mind as you continue exhibiting with the same show.

While location is important, it is only one factor in selecting the ideal booth location. The space you get also depends on the size and type of booth you have. When picking a space, you want to keep foot traffic in mind. The best spaces are closest to the main entrance, and corner spaces, but because they are premium spots they come with a higher price tag.

Tips on picking the best space:

  • Avoid spaces with obstructions, like columns or poles.
  • Try to keep some space between your space and your competitors.
  • Companies will sometimes cancel, if you are willing to move your space the show coordinators will be happy to put you into these  prime locations.
  • Make sure you submit any necessary paperwork immediately. This will allow you to pick your space before people with the same amount of points.
  • Stay away from smaller halls if possible.
  • Be aware of traffic patterns within the exhibit space.
  • Secure your space for next year before you leave the current show, if possible.

*Being close to a restroom or food area is a toss-up between experts, some say people will not stop and engage because the attendees only have one thing on their mind, while others believe that people will be more likely to engage after grabbing a bite to eat.

Make sure you consider all the factors of having the best booth space before you sign the contract. The space your company is in can increase your return on investment, by increasing foot traffic and visibility. If you have any questions, contact the experienced staff here at Apple Rock to see how we can help you on your path to becoming the qualified #leadschamp of your office.  

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