What’s New At Apple Rock

Every once and a while we like to toot our own horn and share with you all the advancements we are making at Apple Rock to offer better products and services to you. This month we are pleased to announce two exciting additions to the Apple Rock family – our new state-of-the-art flatbed printer and Xylea-Wood, our new patented slatwall system.

Together these new additions will allow us to bring you better products, quicker turns, and with an unbeatable cost savings.

Our new large-scale flatbed printer allows us to print directly on almost any solid surface – laminate, slatwall, sintra, flooring, carpet, acrylic, glass, ceiling tiles, etc. Plus it expands our printing abilities to print up to 60” wide; and by printing direct onto your display’s substrates it will eliminate possible bubbles, peeling and allow for a better quality print overall. As a G7 certified color master printer we continue to strive for the best quality graphics available in the industry.

When you think about slatwall most of you are probably grunting. It is typically heavy and cumbersome, adding to your overall shipping, material and labor fees at the show. Apple Rock is more than excited to introduce our new lightweight slatwall panel system, Xylea-Wood, as part of our ADAPT series. Xylea-Wood is the perfect solution for all of your trade show display, kiosk and slatwall needs. It is half the weight and twice the strength of conventional slatwall materials, it is more affordable than conventional options, and it comes with both slatwall and/or flatwall options! The Xylea system uses a patented gravity cleating system ensuring easy installation, reduced shipping and show service charges, and the best part is that it does not require tools! One person could put together an inline display in no time. Plus, it is the only slatwall system in America that is thin enough to go through a flat-bed printer!

Combine the two - our direct-to-surface printing capabilities and our innovative slatwall panel system  - for the best custom modular solution for any budget and any tradeshow or retail space need.  

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