The Value of Experience - Apple Rock Celebrates 27 Years

The only source of knowledge is experience”
-Albert Einstein

This month, Apple Rock Displays is celebrating our 27th Anniversary. Throughout the years we have been in almost every trade show or branded environment scenario imaginable and walked away with a little more knowledge than we had before. We value this hands-on approach to learning the ins and outs of the trade show industry and think you should too. Experience is something that cannot be taught or learned. Nor can it be paid for in the traditional sense, only through hard work and getting your hands dirty in the field. Experience is the blood, sweat and tears wrought on the trade show floor, in the meeting rooms and planning meetings.

You will see the benefits of working with an experienced company when you partner with Apple Rock Displays to help create your next trade show program or branded space.

Experience cannot be hidden. It has a way of seeping into every aspect of the work done by well-established companies. We have worked tirelessly to gain valuable real world experience. Our account and project managers have the knowledge to handle any situation on and off of the trade show floor. Our sales managers have sold thousands of displays in which our designers and engineers have creatively designed to find the best way to visually represent your brand essence.

Experience cannot be faked. Wisdom and deep understanding come with experience. Which is why we are one of the best face-to-face event marketing companies around. We have developed the understanding of what our clients could need or want throughout the whole trade show program and we apply this knowledge every chance we get.

So, if you are looking for a display partner that has been in the trenches gaining years of experience that cannot be taught in school, you should try our company out. We will show you the value of 27 years’ experience and why our product, service and commitment are second to none.

You deserve to win with better & Innovative display solutions. You deserve Apple Rock!

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