Using QR Codes at Trade Shows & Events

The use of QR codes continues to rise, providing companies with an easy way to get information straight into their potential customer’s virtual hands! Instead of traditional pamphlets and brochures that go straight into the trash, this information is being stored and referenced again. Many businesses are incorporating these into their literature, signage, or interactive trade show displays.

Using QR Codes for Trade Shows

QR codes are most effective when your potential customer doesn’t have paper and a pen handy or doesn’t care to carry a bunch of literature. Tradeshows, outdoor events, and retail shopping quickly come to mind as great examples of such situations. This is the time to capitalize on this awesome technology! One of the newest uses we recently found while driving around town was a QR code adhered to a truck. We just had to scan it and find out more. Think of the possibilities! Your QR code is working even when you aren’t! Whether it be at your next tradeshow, your display at a store, or your mobile marketing tour, let’s sit down and discuss how we can utilize QR codes to connect with your customers and increase your business opportunities!