Unique Trade Show Displays - The 5 Senses of Trade Show Exhibiting

Do you contemplate the five senses when you exhibit?  It is common to focus on the visual appeal of your trade show display, but what about the other senses?  They can also provide high-impact experiences and memories that should be considered when putting together your trade show design.

Sight. Although you already focus on sight, have you looked outside of the basic foundation of the display?  Consider the way the exhibit is lit – from up lighting to down lighting, white lights to colored lights, and stagnant to ever changing.  You also have your video or presentation playing on a large TV, but is it updated and eye catching? If appropriate for your brand, consider the possibilities of an innovative & groundbreaking interactive trade show display.

Touch. How does it feel?  If you have a unique product, have you displayed it so that your prospects can really touch and feel it first hand?  Be sure to also consider the textures of your display, literature, and business cards as something outside of the ordinary can be felt and noticed!

Scent. The smell of a pine tree and homemade pie out of the oven remind you of Christmas?  Or the smell of a grill make you want to jump into a pair of flip flops and relax on your back porch?  Scent is a really powerful sense, so if you can incorporate that into your exhibit, do so!  Piping in a scent that really resonates with your brand is extremely memorable.

Sound. In the same respect, does Jingle Bells immediately make you think of the holidays? What sounds and music communicate the style of your company?  Do you play a certain type of music in your office or have a voice that is consistent throughout your commercials?  Perhaps consider having those incorporated into your video presentation at your shows.

Taste. Taste is probably a favorite of most people. If you have a food product you are trying to sell, this is a no brainer.  People want to taste what they are going to buy.  But for the rest of you, a unique and special tasting could really set you apart.  Perhaps a wine tasting or cigar event would be popular with your high end clients and prospects.  A warm chocolate chip cookie on the trade show floor wouldn’t be a bad thing either…at least in our opinion!