Twitter on the Tradeshow Floor

Twitter has become a popular place to let potential customers know about an upcoming show.  It offers the ability to send teasers about the event and provide logistical information in regards to location and show hours.  We have found, however, that the tweets don't end come show time.  In fact, this is one of the best places to send tweets!

Twitter is helpful because it is immediate.  You can share what is going on right now, at this very moment.  It provides a platform that is engaging and exciting, all in 140 words or less!  You can engage your followers in many ways.  

  • Ask questions and re-tweet your follower's answers.  
  • Incentivize them to stop by your booth by offering a percentage off their purchase if they mention the tweet. 
  • Communicate the exciting events going on in your booth, such as a live demonstration taking place at 1pm. 
  • Share pictures and videos straight from the show floor, enticing them to stop by to see more.

live tweets on the tradeshow floorTwitter on the Tradeshow Floor

Want to see more return on your tweets?  Many tradeshow organizers have joined the Twitter bandwagon by providing strategically placed monitors and projectors that display live tweets using the show's hash tag. Not only are your tweets being seen by your followers, but also by anyone who is walking the show floor!

Your bits of information, pictures, and quick communication are sure to draw in a crowd!