Trade Show Staffing

Let’s face it –your pre-show marketing, creative and eye-catching exhibit, and sought-after giveaways can be wasted if you don’t have the right people in your booth.  Your booth staff carries the responsibility of pre-qualifying attendees, establishing quick relationships to identify needs leading to sales, and personify your company’s brand.  That is a lot to ask for, so let us help you staff your next show:

First and foremost, your staff must know your message.  You will need to train them on your company mission, goals, target audience, products/services, and sales message.  They should be prepared to answer questions or understand where to obtain more information.

You need to staff your booth with the best and brightest representatives from your organization.  They need to believe in your product or service, understand your brand, and have exceptional communication and customer service skills.  This may mean a mix of your staff, from sales people who know what to look for in a prospective customer and how to engage them in conversation to engineers who are essential to providing technical information and details.

The body language of your staff needs to present them as professional and approachable.  They should be standing and ready to greet attendees, smiling and giving good eye contact, and avoiding crossing their arms or legs.  They are there to welcome potential customers, and a warm, open environment draws attendees into your space.

Be sure to brief your staff in advance of the attire you expect.  Whether it is corporate apparel like a polo shirt and dress pants, or a business suit in certain colors, you will want a team that looks unified.  Long days can be spent on the floor, so also remind them to wear comfortable shoes.

You will know when you have nailed it when your customers and your staff are smiling and enjoying the excitement that occurs with face-to-face marketing!