Trade Show Selling - The Elevator Pitch or Commercial

If you have been to business networking events, chances are you have created your “30 second commercial”, sometimes called the "elevator pitch".  It is a brief statement of who you are and what you do that you share with other networkers in order to obtain their business.  Did you know that perfecting a solid commercial can really enhance your trade show experience?

Let’s talk about your commercial.  The purpose is to tell who you are, who your company is, and what you do, but it isn’t that simple (or boring).  When creating your commercial, you want to share how what you do will add value to your prospect’s business.  After mentioning your name, title, and company, you want to creatively explain what you do.  Instead of saying “I am a web designer,” try “I work with marketing managers to develop creative and innovative web sites that successfully translates your brand, corporate culture, and product offerings.”  Next comes the place where you want to tell them how you can help them, such as “I believe I can improve the layout and design of your web site so that you will see more traffic on your web site, leading to more sales opportunities.”  Then end it with an action: “Would you like to set up a time to review your current site and discuss what improvements we can make?”

Trade shows can be busy, with attendees having limited time to visit with exhibitors.  By perfecting your commercial, you are providing quality information in a short period of time and creating the opportunity for further discussions with qualified leads.