Trade Show Sales Success – Post-Show Follow Ups

You spent several days at a trade show that was full of energy and excitement.  By the time you return home, however, that momentum starts to fade as you begin to work on your post-show follow up.  The key to avoid this is to start your post-show follow up during the show…and even BEFORE the show!

Before you head out to the show, spend some time crafting follow-up letters, e-mails, and newsletters. Achieving a great trade show ROI is often determined by your level of preparation. With templates all ready to go upon your return, you can simply input the contact information, make a few tweaks, and send it out quickly!

While at the show, it is in your best interest to keep quality notes on those you meet. Keep tabs on what products or services they were interested in. You may even want to create a scale from 1 – 5 indicating their interest.  This will remind you of exactly what you discussed and the priority in which you should contact them upon your return.

Once you return from the show, contacting the prospects should be a breeze! You know who to contact, what they are interested, how interested they are, and you have the templates completed for your follow up.  These tools will help you keep the momentum from the show with quick, informative follow up!