Trade Show Lighting - Ideas for Exhibit Lighting Systems

There are events in everyone's career where you become absolutely convinced that there is a right way and wrong way to do things when it comes to exhibiting. Some folks on the Apple Rock team just returned from LightFair 2011 in Philadelphia where we had a number of clients exhibiting. This show is all about lighting - Commercial, Residential, and Special Use. The Power of Lighting is so important to highlight your product and your brand.

However, in many cases, exhibitors cut out lighting as a cost cutting measure. The colors of lights and types of lights available are now endless; but do not settle for the cheapest trade show display lighting you can find. LED lighting technology is a great option on the show floor - it is energy efficient and is becoming more affordable. With LED lighting you get the brightest and whitest light - helping you stand out from your competition. LED lighting is available in many forms: stage and can lights are always available at large venues.

Remember it is much like a light house on a beach - light the way and the traffic will follow. You must highlight what you want to sell.

A Brief Case Study - Cree

Cree, a market leader in LED lighting, recently attended Lightfair 2011. Cree was eager to unveil its new product that revolutionizes commercial lighting and provides potential customers with a real understanding of the look and feel of their new LED Troffer lights. For this show, Apple Rock created a custom trade show display built around a true-to-life experience room. The room provided "real world" settings in the form of a classroom and an office that powerfully displayed the performance and quality of this new, affordable light.

trade show display lighting - the Cree trade show exhibit at Lightfair 2011The Cree exhibit at Lightfair 2011, designed by Apple Rock

Two large fabric signs clearly identified Cree and it's branded "It's Payback Time" across the trade show floor, making it the ultimate destination for their target audience.

Additionally, Cree was able to showcase a wide product range using the power of senses such as touch and sight. Customers interacted with the products, the presentations, and the booth staff resulting in an impressionable experience for all.