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What makes exhibit companies differ one from the other? What makes one exhibit stand out from the rest? All things being equal, if designers are given the same criteria, then the answers to both questions are (1) how the materials are used and (2) whether the design captures the true essence of the brand and vision of the organization.

From the beginning, Apple Rock's brand statement has been "the difference is in the design." We believe you must create an environment that is functional and elicits an emotional response. One caveat applies here since our company has been in business for 24 years: Design has always been essential to generating a solid return on investment for your trade show strategy, but now more than ever, innovations in technology, materials & even exhibit lighting are all very important in generating the "trade show buzz"  - the "WOW Factor" - that all exhibitors desire.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our 2nd Annual Light, Sound, Motion Event at Apple Rock Headquarters in Greensboro. Please save the date of November 17th to come meet the professionals who can educate you and your company on the best way to use the technologies that are at your disposal. You can RSVP for this free event here; since seating is limited, we highly recommend early registration.

Here, we are highlighting a use of interactive trade show display technology that brought the Lance/Synder exhibit to life at the recent NACS show in Chicago. The goal for the exhibit was to create a custom rental that had a great flow, and use the interactive floor to drive traffic while branding the company. The exhibit had the opportunity to sample, had height so that it was easy to find, and providing the company a chance to really speak to as many companies as possible while building their brands.
snyders lance trade show display