Trade Show Booth Rentals - Tips for Renting a Trade Show Exhibit

We all know how essential it is to promote ones brand, products, and services.  But it is wise to consider your company’s budget when it comes to all aspects of marketing including your trade show participation.  Many experts recommend trade show display rentals so why not consider renting an exhibit for your next event?  Here are some tips to help your organization answer the "buy or rent" question.

No Ownership Cost - A big advantage to renting versus buying is the cost savings afforded to you.  Rentals afford you a “test drive” before you buy and yet you still have a quality designed and built booth to represent your company.  It can be the best of both worlds!

No Repairs - Much like leasing a car, if a repair is necessary, you are not responsible for the repair cost.  While it is unlikely anything relating to your booth will break, you can be assured that any repairs needed are on our dime, not yours.

Flexibility - Flexible trade show booth rentals increase customization options offering versatility and affordability.  Basically, you can get a new tradeshow booth design every time when you have a rental.  Apple Rock offers many options when designing your custom rental booth, so consult with your design consultant for a myriad of ideas.

Accessibility - Company literature, various design elements, product demonstration, and display products should be arranged in such a way that they are easily accessible towards your targeted attendees.  Do your best to encourage face to face marketing between your booth staff and potential buyers.  This will lead to increased leads and ultimately increased sales.

Technology - Renting an exhibit booth versus and outright purchase still affords you access to the latest interactive trade show technology available to make your environment stand out.  Apple Rock is at the forefront of technology and offers many options including their Eyeclick projection system, sure to capture the attention of all visitors.  Smart Phone QR technology, Eyeclick, Feature Videos, each of these options offers your attendees ways to remember your message and learn about your company. Learn about Interactive rentals.

Storage - What do you do with your exhibit between shows?  By opting for a rental versus the outright purchase of a booth, a design/build firm such as Apple Rock can store your rental for you and assemble it when it is time again for a show.  You likely have enough to keep up with, so why not let us keep track of your exhibit? For a detailed breakdown on what is right for your company, contact an Apple Rock Design Consultant today for a no obligation quote.