Trade Show Booth Attractions - Games, Giveaways and Prizes

The goal of exhibitors at trade shows and events is to catch the attention of those passing by.  A well-designed and effective trade show display is a big part of this, but also consider incorporating exciting and creative contests that draw the crowd in and let the fun begin!

Prize Wheels

Colorful, full of motion, and the chance to win something?  Attendees start lining up if they think they have a chance to win a prize by spinning the wheel.  While the line piles up, your booth staff can engage them in conversation about your products and/or services, and soon they’ll be spinning wheels AND deals!

Money Blowing Machine

It may be the chance to win money or prizes or the hilarity of people grabbing for dollars in a windy machine, but either way, it is a win!  It draws in crowds, allows them to relax and laugh, and provides you with an easy going atmosphere to strike up conversation.


Who doesn’t want to think of themselves as smart, or at least as a winner?  Set up a trivia contest that covers information about your industry and trade show.  The competition may get fierce, but the chance to get up close and personal with your attendees is worth it!

Prize Vaults

Present attendees with a see-through vault containing a prize (like the very popular iPod Touch).  Attach a mechanism to the outside of the vault that lets visitors type in a code.  If the winning code is entered, it means winning the enclosed prize!  You can set up the code so that it makes sense with your brand, product, or service.  This will give your staff the opportunity to engage the attendees while they are trying to crack the code.

Guess the Quantity

Fill a jar up with your product, giveaways, or another item related to your industry and/or tradeshow.  Encourage attendees to guess the number items, and at the end of the show, the closest person wins a prize.  When they submit their answer, you will get their contact information to follow up with them after the show.

Although they may be silly at times, these contests can really drive attendees into your booth and provide you an unbelievable amount of opportunities to connect with your target audience!