Special Advertising Promotions and Trade Show Giveaways - Crucial For Successful Marketing Plans

Everyone likes to get something of value for free.  Visit any tradeshow and you will see a number of giveaways at different booths that range in value from a few cents and up, up, up, depending on the specialty advertising product given away by promoting company.  And although the most popular giveaways are pens and poly bags, there are new products becoming available that take the term “of value” to new heights.  Have you seen the latest and greatest at your favorite tradeshow?  There are products ranging from key ring flashlights, anti-germ gel bottles, cell phone breakage protectors, and even telephone calling cards.  But if you are in the business of showing your company’s benefits to prospective buyers or are giving your own employees something of value, you need to keep a few things in mind to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The first is to establish your objective as to why you are giving something away.  Is it to introduce a new product?  Generate product/company excitement?  Build name recognition?  Or a combination of all three?  Once objectives are established, you’re ready to look at creative specialty advertising alternatives that will support and help achieve those objectives.

Another thing to consider is whether you are  enhancing other marketing efforts.  Today, companies are using specialty advertising products in conjunction with other marketing/communication efforts.  Are these products being used internally to encourage  and reward your own sales force in a contest?  Are these products being used to aggressively promote the company’s products to outside distributors?  Or are they there for the casual “straggler” and potential buyer at a local trade show?  Creativity is the name of the game in an effective campaign and it just depends on how creative you want to be and what you think will work, and work well.

Speaking of getting creative, the more creative you are and still living with a modest budget is where you want to be, so what’s it going to be?  Booth hand outs can range from Post-It notes to stuffed animals to t-shirts, all with your name or product emblazoned across it.  How about giving away logoed bottles of water to a walk-weary audience that needs a “pick-me-up?”  The possibilities are endless and there are new products coming online every day.  Allotting a part of your marketing budget for specialty advertising products is a smart investment for short and long term objectives. And of note, APPLE ROCK has the latest and greatest to promote your company or product.

Consider also a year round program instead of just a “one shot and done” approach.  Specialty advertising products can be used for a number of things, whether it be tradeshows, employee recognition, or a special “thank you” to a valued client.  Got a special visitor to your corporate headquarters?  How about a nice gift to send them home with reminding them of their visit?  How about a special thank you to that employee that went “above and beyond” for a project or sales contest?  And we can’t forget the cents per pieces items and those frequent tradeshows you are exhibiting in.  Keeping a year round mentality when considering advertising specialty products is not only smart but is a total marketing savvy approach and helpful when constructing a yearly budget.

Lastly, planning and execution are key.  Getting a mindset that goes beyond pens and poly bags is a necessity.  Your selling of your corporate image is everything you give away, whether it be for internal or external purposes.   In today’s marketplace, your image is the only thing you can say with confidence that you own.