SMS Marketing: Using Text Messaging in your Event Marketing Campaign

If you knew a low-cost marketing campaign could reach 9 out of 10 people, you would jump on that chance, right? Well, Short Message Service or SMS marketing is just that: an easy, cost-effective way to reach a large, attentive audience. SMS marketing uses text messages to mobile devices to promote products or services. It is an excellent technique for communicating with an audience that is already interested in what your company offers.

Using SMS requires that your company has permission from customers to send them special offers. Crafting a SMS campaign involves deciding who to target and crafting the message to send. A successful campaign has a concise text message with a clear call-to-action. The positive results of SMS marketing are largely due to it being a convenient and frequently accessed medium for your audience. 

 How to get people to sign up for SMS text messages on the trade show floor or at a special event

  • Have a sign-up sheet; let people know that they will get exclusive offers for giving their phone number.
  • Host a text-to-win campaign offering a great prize or prizes. 
  • Encourage subscriber sharing and offer an incentive for doing so.

Tips for a successful SMS text m marketing campaign

  • Personalize the message for each user. Including their name is a good way to increase the chances of them following through on your offer.
  • Segment potential customers based on previous purchases, only sending out relevant texts to each person.
  • Make the offers exclusive; people believe their cell phone numbers are sacred. Make sure the discounts, coupons and communications are truly exceptional. 
  • Remember, customers can opt-out just as easily as they opt-in, so keep the content interesting and offers compelling.
  • Don’t send more than two messages per month. Overloading potential clients is not an effective marketing strategy.
  • Be sure to inform potential customers that if they don’t have unlimited text messaging they are responsible for any additional charges. 

Another great use for SMS marketing is at trade shows. Trade show organizers can use SMS Marketing to effectively inform attendees of activities, important announcements, and special promotions.

SMS Marketing is a great way to get people excited about your brand, company, and the products or services that you offer — if used correctly. Request a free consultation to explore the possibilities of SMS marketing for your company.  

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