Signs That It’s Time to Buy a New Trade Show Exhibit

We completely understand that the struggle of persuading upper management to spend money this time of year, is real. As the exhibit manager you know that your display is way past its prime, but convincing your boss that it is necessary to purchase a new one is next to impossible.

So here you sit, hoping that it dies a horrible death in transit or some freak accident happens on the show floor crushing it into smithereens. Well, fear no more we are going to give you the top 10 signs that it is time to convince your boss the time to buy a new exhibit is now.

  1. Although it’s your exhibit, you take a lunch break and get lost in the sea of trade show booths, because yours is identical to everyone else’s. Great customizable exhibits that are easy to update year after year help you stand out from the crowd, not blend in.
  2. You are talking with a potential client on the show floor, in front of your display and their first question is “so what is it that your company does”?
  3. The exhibit itself is held together with massive amounts of duct tape, glue or zip ties.
  4. Your exhibit is no longer accomplishing what it was designed for such as drawing a crowd or pre-qualifying great leads with correct messaging. The wrong or outdated messaging ensures that you are wasting your time exhibiting.
  5. The current graphics were designed by your boss’s child for a college design course.
  6. During the post-show follow up, potential clients say “wow, you do that too”. After leaving the show prospects should be aware of ALL of your capabilities.
  7. The color scheme and logo has changed 4 times since your last booth purchase.
  8. The people pictured in your graphics are clearly from the last decade. “Retro” is not a good design plan.
  9. The technology used within your exhibit will only make people in the 1980’s jealous.
  10. Your booth staff is so embarrassed they refuse to wear their nametags at the show.

If you company is currently experiencing any of these issues don’t waste any more time. In all seriousness, studies conducted by the Center for Exhibition and Industry Research show that 72% of show visitor’s buying patterns are directly influenced by trade show exhibits. Meaning if your booth doesn’t correctly represent your brand you are simply wasting money exhibiting. Contact us today to see how easy we really make the buying process. There’s a good chance we can convince your boss that you need a fabulous new trade show exhibit too!

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