Dedicated Trade Show Supervisor
A dedicated supervisor will make you look like a rock star.

Why Hire a Full Service Trade Show Supervisor

  Here at Apple Rock, we always say that planning is the key to hosting a successful face-to-face marketing event, and while this is true, you will also find that there can be lots of unknown varibles on the trade show floor, especially when a show is in full swing. The best way to combat these scary surprises is to hire a full service trade show supervisor for your exhibit. Now, I know what you are thinking; I only need the supervisor for install and dismantle, I can handle any surprises that pop up. We are not saying that you cannot handle it, it’s the opposite, and we know you can handle any curve ball that comes your way, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to focus on collecting qualified leads on the show floor, not running errands or trying to solve a minor issue during the show?

Hiring a full service trade show supervisor is a great idea for several reasons:

  • Have you already paid for install and dismantle supervision? Why not take advantage of having a partner there to do all of their errands; after all you have already paid for them to travel to the show?
  • If they work at the design house that built your exhibit they know it inside and out, know the layout, how parts and pieces work and so much more.  
  • Full service design houses have partners in every city, so that if something goes wrong with the equipment your company sent, say a piece breaks, they can usually have it fixed quickly. Getting your exhibit up and running in no time.
  • The supervisor has ordered your electrical, internet, lighting and cleaning for the show. They know what you are entitled to and will make sure your company gets it.
  • Supervisors come in before the show starts turn everything on, wipe everything down, making sure your exhibit is ready for the day. Giving you more time for breakfast meetings or preparing for the long day. Then they close the booth down every night.
  • They stock promo items and collateral materials, so you can focus your time on selling, gathering leads or simply getting your brand message to attendees.
  • Supervisors will know how your AV works and be able to help fix any problems that may occur.
  • They know the union laws and how to comply.

Dedicated show supervisors can be available on-site to handle any need you may have throughout the duration of the show.

Do you need bottled water for your staff or attendees, food ordered for your exhibit, popcorn popped, they can handle it. No job is too small or too big for a seasoned show supervisor, like you find at Apple Rock. If you want to become the qualified #leadschamp of your company hire an experienced show supervisor so that you can focus collecting leads, selling and wowing attendees with your exhibit. You will also look like a rock star at the end of the day!

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