Revive Your Exhibit or Lobby With Great Hanging Signs

Change is in the air this spring. Which means it’s time to refresh your look and take your brand higher with new hanging signs. If you are not already, you should be taking advantage of the overhead real estate in your corporate lobby or trade show space with hanging signs. Hanging signs aren’t just for the trade show floor anymore, displaying a well-made, innovative hanging sign in your lobby has the ability to truly bring your brand to life and wow potential customers. However, the aerial space is especially important on the show floor, where you only have mere seconds to grab the attention of attendees in a sea of displays that can look very similar. Creative hanging signs are like having a large neon arrow above your exhibit directing attendees to visit your space, commanding attention and brand recognition.  

There are many benefits to hanging signs on and off the trade show floor.

Hanging signs will:

  • Increase your exposure
  • Reinforce brand awareness
  • Demand attention
  • Maximize height and visibility distance
  • Fill dead space with unique messaging

Hanging signs come in all shapes and sizes. You can even have the structure custom made to mimic your logo or a product.  Adding LED lights or motorizing hanging signs will command even more attention from potential customers. Hanging signs are completed with custom fabric graphics that ultimately increase your presence on the show floor or add to the uniqueness of your brand in your lobby.

Hanging signs are extremely versatile and easy to work with, especially now that they are generally made with lightweight materials. While you can expect to pay for riggers to hang your signage on the show floor, the return on investment will be as high as your signage. Increasing your company’s ROI is one of the best was to become the qualified #leadschamp in your office and it’s easy to do by simply adding hanging signage.

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