Revitalize Your Exhibit With New Graphics

Spring is a season of change. The winter snow melts to make way for new, beautiful flowers and green grass. I am often elated to stop and smell the flowers. To take a small moment to soak in the beauty. We want your company graphics to be like those spring flowers that so many stop to admire. Our goal is to make people take notice of your brand whether those graphics appear in your lobby, on a trade show display or outside, we can help you accomplish just that.  

There are all sorts of new and fresh graphic ideas that can change the look and feel of your booth for a very small investment. Having new graphics can help refresh your brand image or highlight a new product or service your company is offering. You can spruce up simple graphics by adding new pictures. In fact, according to Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), adding photos to your exhibit can enhance product recall by 26% and who doesn’t want that.

Updating your graphics can do a lot to reenergize your exhibit. However, there are some tips and tricks to keep in mind when designing stunning new graphics.

  •  Keep the words to a minimum. Make sure you message is clear, concise and bold.
  •  If you are not using your brand colors, make sure the color you use are complementary.
  •  Make sure your lettering stands out and is legible from a distance. For example, don’t use light blue on blue, instead use white on blue for easy readability.
  •  Plan for almost everything to be eye level. If you have something written in the bottom two feet of your exhibit, no one will read it.
  •  Don’t use too many images, they can crowd the graphic and clutter the message.   

Apple Rock Displays holds the G7 Print Master Status, which means we offer superior color management processing on each graphic we produce. We want to help you become the qualified #leadschamp of your office! Contact us today so one of our experienced graphic designers, can create a unique new look for your lobby, trade show exhibit or anything else you may need.