Repurpose your display into something new

written by Denise Lineberry, Director of Marketing

People have been “green” for years, but until the last decade has it become increasingly popular.  We have all benefited in one way or another from hand-me-downs, or re-purposing your grandmother’s rocking chair to fit in with your décor style. But have you ever considered it from a business prospective?

Now consider your trade show display, the one the bosses 2nd cousin bought from his neighbor’s sister 5 years ago. I am sure if it does not meet your current exhibit or brand needs. Do you kick it to the curb? We say “NO”. At the very least you can probably salvage some or all of the structure.

What’s the best way to repurpose my display?

  • Ask your exhibit house for a new design using your existing display. Repurposed existing extruded aluminum frames to be re-engineered into a “new” display.
  • Discard of any parts that are cumbersome and too heavy, or require too much maintenance.
  • Consolidate the display into fewer cases and crates; which saves on shipping and drayage.
  • Add new LED energy efficient lighting and LED backlit graphics for a fresher brighter look
  • Adding new graphics is an obvious answer, what about adding interactive technology and “live” graphics to your display. Once you incorporate it into your structure it is very easy to change out content for each show.

Most display companies will not want to touch your old display and will convince you that you need to buy a new one. That is where Apple Rock is different. We have worked with many clients to re-engineer their old display into something brand new. The main consideration for overhauling an old booth is its overall size and weight. Reducing and re-engineering the structure to lighten the load can benefit the overall expense of your trade shows by reducing shipping costs, material handling and labor charges.

Learn how we can help you repurpose by contacting an Apple Rock consultant today!