Recycle, Reuse and Refurbish - The Alternative Solution

As an Event Marketing Company, we are passionate about leveraging our expertise to consult with clients and find the best solutions to fit their needs. We do not recommend that clients always buy something new. In fact, a viable solution to consider is "repurposing" an old display.

Refurbishment is a socially responsible way to create a showstopper and be kind to the environment. We recently sat down with one of our clients, Europa Sports Products, to discuss using their existing materials. As the nation's number one sports supplement distributor, Europa attends events year-round and felt it was time to refresh their old display. "Europa was looking for a way to enhance their booth - to make it more contemporary, while keeping with the current voice of their brand and appealing to an expanded target audience," states Sherry Cox, Senior Account Executive at Apple Rock.

 Using sustainable practices, we transformed Europa's booth from top to bottom. First, we made use of Europa's existing extruded aluminum frames and re-engineered them into a whole "new" display. We modified the layout of the structure and added a mix of graphic panels - from direct print to acrylic, and this change alone visually opened up the booth. What's more, certain custom graphics were produced on Europa's own perforated metal to mirror their current branding and advertising campaigns produced this year. "We take great pride in our IMAGE," said Heather Coggins, Events Manager at Europa Sports."We are so excited that our refreshed exhibit more closely reflects our fast-growing and dynamic brand."

Apple Rock also helped better define Europa's space by taking their design up a notch and adding a large overhead structure. This eye-catching fabric measures 20' x 40' and ensures Europa can be seen from across the room. We also incorporated bamboo flex floor (eco-friendly and reusable) and added the finishing touches with track lighting. This newly constructed booth is sure to turn heads at any event.

"I'm excited to partner with an innovative company like Apple Rock," said Marcus Hermens, Creative Director at Europa Sports. "Our existing booth was meeting our needs, but had suffered serious wear and tear from dozens of shows. Yet Apple Rock transformed it into something totally different and refreshing, saving us the investment of a new booth." 

Thinking about refurbishing an old display? First, consider the overall size and weight of your structure. Look for opportunities to lighten the load. Re-engineering the structure and reducing the weight can help decrease the overall expense of your trade shows. Simply because it reduces your shipping costs, material and handling expenses, as well as any labor charges.

For more ideas on how to refresh your existing display, call or email to talk to an Apple Rock Design expert.