Recap - The 2011 Marketing Summit for Today's World

After our inaugural Marketing Summit for Today's World this past April 14th in Greensboro NC, Apple Rock had some fantastic requests from our attendees.  People wanted to learn more about:

  • How to better brand their company at their next show.
  • How to incorporate innovative strategic ROI components – like interactive projection technology or a QR code event shopper - into their overall marketing brand.
  • What should they focus on for the last half of the year…what are new and exciting trends.

Don’t just show up to your show, BRAND your environment by making some simple changes or additions to your marketing program – like adding new technologies.  The launch of our Apple Rock Event Shopper - this mobile app for trade shows utilizing QR codes was one of the most exciting things to come from the Summit. This new technology takes the use of custom QR Codes to a whole new level.

Call us to learn more about this brand new technology - let us help you and your company leave your mark at your next event with our smartphone application for trade shows!